Our story

lo ・ ve ・ ling
(plural lovelings)

A beloved little one; darling; a beloved or lovable thing.


We bring you our lovelings only!

Our mission is to bring you exclusive and unique treasures from all over the world with their own identity & story. Solid silver rings, cuffs, earrings & necklaces with a tribal touch, inspired by our adventures from pure and beautiful Indonesia to the spiritual Navajo grounds in Arizona. You’ll find our own unique designs, handmade with love and attention to detail by the loveliest artisan family in Indonesia. But also all kinds of fair trade, eco & handmade products; we carefully select and collect our favorite finds in our online boutique.

We are passionate about every lovely little thing and because we don’t believe in mass production, you’ll only find a wide range of limited or one-of-a-kind products to keep all treasures special & beloved to their new owners. We believe in personal attention & care in which we distinguish ourselves from the big warehouses.

Catching (y)our dreams, x