Tharu Tribe Antique Necklace

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by Lovelings

Wow we were so lucky to get our hands on a stunning vintage Tharu Tribal Necklace, definitely the best piece this summer for that boho tribal look! Lays perfectly aound the neck Needless to say this is a OOAK treasure & very rare.

Material: Brass / Alloy / Metal
Colour: Silver/Gold metal & Red/Green fabric
Size: +/- 54cm long, 6,5cm width & ∅2,4 middle coin

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Rana Tharu Tribe


Antique necklace handcrafted by the Rana Tharu people of the Terai Region in Nepal, mid to late 1900’s. The Tharu people themselves say that they are a people of the forest
This necklaces are known as Kanthshri and made of brass / alloy spikes and decorated with old coins and coin closure button. All strung on a thick twisted red & green cotton frabric. The cord is quite worn from use, but still in good condition. The date on the main coin is still partly visible “1910”.


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