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Falcon Bracelet Moonstone

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A solid sterling .925 silver bracelet with geometric lines and 2 Moonstone stones. Perfect match with Athena Ring Moonstone & Gala Pendant! Falcon is a symbol of success and rising above a situation. It carries with it a massage of transition and change. Read below the meaning of Moonstones, a lovers stone.

Colour: Sterling silver (.925)
Stone: Moonstone, transparant/blue/purple
Stone size: 7 mm
Size: Adjustable to size

Also available with Labradorite (3rd picture) or Blue Topaz.

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« Aloha means Love »

☾ Love you to the moon and back! 

Moonstone is deeply connected to the moon and in particular with moon goddesses like Selene, Diana and Nyx. Just like the moon influences the earth so does the moonstone influence the owner. Moonstones focuses on love, fertility, good fortune and protection during dark times.

It is mostly known as a stone for lovers and it’s said that if you give your lover a moonstone or moonstone jewellery during full moon, that the passion you share will be eternal! Therefore Moonstones were often used as a wedding gift or token of eternal love.
In many myths moonstones are either pieces of the moon itself or frozen tears that fell after a moon goddess had a lovers quarrel. Another reason why moonstones are thought to help lovers; reconnection after they’ve had a fight.

As one of the most powerful fertility stones it is particularly helpful for those that are trying to have a baby or are already pregnant.
It has also been used by travelers all over the world as it would protect them during dark times and bring good fortune to the wearer, while protecting those of a sensitive nature. So if you want or need a bit of extra protection in tough times a moonstone is a good option.

Due to its connection with the moon, moonstone can help attune the body and mind to the natural forces that surround us. Helping us to get more in tune with our body, works detoxifying and creates hormonal balance. To get the most out of your moonstone it should be used during an almost full or full moon. This will reenergize your moonstone and enhance its powers.

Moonstone is a traditional birthstone of June.

Full moon 2016 
Februari 22nd
March 23rd
April 22nd
May 21st
June 20th
July 20th
August 18th
September 16th
October 16th
November 14th
December 14th


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