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About Nkuku
Nkuku specialises in stylish, hand made, fair trade and eco-friendly gifts. Their aim is to combine contemporary designs with age – old techniques, natural materials and sustainable methods of production to ensure each product is truly exceptional.

Nkuku Fair Trade company - Lovelings

Fair trade & Handmade
All products are handmade in India and vary slightly in size and colour which makes each product unique. Nkuku is built on the principles of fair trade and an environmentally aware company.

They support fair trade and local community initiatives. In brief this means their suppliers are paid a decent wage for their work. Working conditions are safe and a good standard and no children are exploited. All products are skilfully created in a positive and pleasant environment.

Eco friendly
Nkuku is an environmentally aware company. They endeavour to create products using recycled and natural materials through a handmade process. They consider the environment in everything they do and it has a large impact on the products that they sell. This being said we’re under no illusion and are aware that to truly help the environment it is better to reuse things, not waste things. Meaning not buying gifts that you don’t really need, not very good for business! On the positive side, if you are buying a gift then at the very least it’s a product that has considered the environment. We hope that the items you do purchase will be kept for a lifetime, perhaps storing priceless memories in one of our albums and passing them on to the next generation.


Lovelings send each product in their original reused package to leave as less as a footprint as possible.

Nkuku is a member of BAFTS and has been awarded the Blue Butterfly Trust Mark. 

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